Friday, September 10, 2010

And We All Fall Down!!

A few weeks ago we had Lewis' sister and her family in town for a visit. On Saturday we decided to take all of the kids to Cowabunga Bay for the afternoon. It was a very windy day but it did not seem any more windy then most of the other days here.
When we got home, I walked in and Adam was freaking out. He had been trying to call and text me while we were at the pool but I had left my phone in the car. That when he tells me that a branch of the big tree has fallen in the wind! So we all run out to the backyard to see the damage. He said that he actually watched it fall. He said that he was watching t.v. and what looked like a flock of birds (not uncommon for our yard) was swoping down from the tree and landing on the yard. But when he looked closer it was pieces of wood falling from the tree. Just then the branch fell and shattered. These are the biggest pieces left of the branch. It was very large. The biggest piece is about 13 feet long easily 4-5 feet around. The smaller piece by the kids is only 6 feet long and 2 feet around. Luckily nobody was out there playing. The kids were all freaked out. Lewis and the boys cleaned it up and moved the logs into the woods behind our yard. Needless to say it ripped up a bunch of the yard so now we are trying to grow more grass. Hopefully the rest of the branches stay put!

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