Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Far At The Confrence I Have Seen/Heard/Thought/Found Out:

  • We are not only ladies here. They are 4 men. I suspect (without any judgement at all) that 2 of them are same sex oriented, and maybe partners. I guess nutrition brings us all together. :)
  • People are OBSESSED with themselves.
  • I want to add a stripe of purple to my hair.
  • Everyone has to one up your story, have the worst thing happen to them, or be in need of more help/money/information. Annoying!!!
  • I eat a ton of Gobstoppers. Since I can't chew gum at school I eat them during the day. For 28 it is about 100 calories. I needed to go to the store and buy more when I ran out today. I might have a problem. Is there a group for this?
  • If you work in child nutrition you need to either knit, needle point, or know all there is to know about Nascar. (I know nothing about any of them. Shoot! I am in the wrong profession!)
  • I need to hire at least 1 more employee. I am doing the work at 2 to 3 people. (We already knew this but now I am finding out that the state is watching and noticing things that I do not do because of time constraints with a small staff. OOPS!)
  • Mullets must be back in because I have seen like a dozen so far and I have only been here for 24 hours.
  • Just because we know what is nutritious and what we need to serve the kids does not mean that we eat those things ourselves.
  • When I go to bed at night and turn off the TV I worry that zombies are going to break into my room and eat my brains.
  • I need to not watch HBO before I go to sleep when I stay in a hotel alone.
  • I totally and completely miss my family. I have thought about my kids all day. I worry about homework, school work, and chores when I am gone. I miss Lewis. I also wonder if anyone has walked the dog. Oh! I miss Mojito too!!
  • I like to blog. I need to do it more often.


Marlo Balmanno said...

If I knew you were going I would have gone with you. I could sleep on the floor to keep you company.

Jenners said...

I'm just glad to hear that nutritionists don't eat healthy either. Whew!