Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ski lessons for the girls have ended for the year. They loved it and they are very mad at me for not letting them do the second session of lessons. I just feel that since they are not old enough for all day lessons (you have to be 8) it is not worth it to keep them half day lessons. The half day lessons cost almost as much as the all day lessons. On the days that Lewis and I ski 2 kids can ski for free with each adult so we can take them to ski then. They both did very well for their first year skiing. Haley is so excited because next year she will be old enough for all day lessons.

Here is a close shot of them going down the hill. They look so grown up!
Here they are with Lewis on the lift.

They boys are not done yet for the year. We just signed them up for the second session. So 5 more weeks of driving up the mountain every weekend. Wow my kids are lucky to have such a nice mom!!

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