Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ski Lessons Started

(Notice her ski is crossed over her other one. Classic!!)

Haley has no problem staying up!

All of the kids are doing ski lessons on Saturday at Brighton, for a 5 week session. I only got pictures of the girls this past week because the boys are in the all day group so they are up on the mountain most of the day. I will get some pics of them next Saturday. They are all having a great time. They love it and the only complaints are when it is time to go home at the end of the day. Adam has always been a snowboarder but he is doing really well skiing, although he wants to snowboard for the 2ND half of the season. The other kids have only skied so they do not know any difference. They are all doing very well and have graduated out of the clamps and have moved up to the Majestic and Snake Creek lifts. I love that we have found something that they all like to do during the winter.

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