Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goals, Not Resolutions

This year I have decided to do a list of goals instead of a list of resolutions. Statistics show that people quit on their resolutions by the middle of February. I figure of I set goals then I am more likely to accomplish some or part of them during the year. So here we go, my long list of goals that I will try and accomplish this year:

Spending/Saving Money & Eating Out
  1. I would love it if we ate out only once a week or less as a family. With 6 people we waste so much money eating out, and really most of the time it is not good food anyway.
  2. Save $100 a month for our vacation fund.
  3. Grocery shop on a regular basis. This is the biggest reason that we eat out a lot, I never have food in the kitchen. If I go shopping every two weeks and get everything that we need for proper meals then I am less likely to say lets just eat out.
  4. Put $20 a month into the kids savings accounts. This should be an easy one. Their savings accounts are at different bank then we go to so I just need to go and do it.
  5. NOT to accumulate any debt.


  1. Teach Adam to do laundry. This one might be hard for me, but if I want to be a good mom then I need to teach him to do these things.
  2. Take one room a month and gut it and throw everything out that I no longer need/want. Also organize everything in the room. There is not a ton that needs to be done because we just moved to this house 4 months ago, but there is still a need for organization.
  3. Curtains, and home decor for the living spaces are in high demand.
  4. Teach the kids to change their own sheets and put new sheets on the RIGHT way.


  1. Organize into one space. Right now I work out of the kitchen but have a globble of stuff in an office that I "share" with my boss. ("Share" means that he has the office and I only use it when he is gone for the day to make phone calls. The kitchen is too loud to make calls so a lot of the time I make calls from my cell phone in the staff lounge.)
  2. Figure out how to stop working when I get home at night. I check emails, make menus, work on monthly reports at home at night. I am sure that it bothers my family, but mostly it bothers me. I need to stop "bringing work home with me".
  3. Make it run more smoothly in general. (This is generic but I know what it means.)


  1. Check homework every night that I am home. Check for reports and projects that are due in the near future.
  2. Read with the kids that are less able each afternoon/night that I am home.
  3. Go on two family trips this year. I am not saying spend a lot of money, I am just saying a trip with the family for family fun.
  4. One family activity a week; even if it is a movie, a game or bowling.
  5. Plan fun things during long breaks for the kids when we are out of school. This way we do not just sit around doing nothing.


  1. Read at least 2 books a month. (This is an easy one that I usually do already but sometimes I get busy and need to be reminded that reading helps your mind stay strong.)
  2. Go on at least 2 dates a month with Lewis.
  3. Be honest about how I feel. I do not mean freak out in the lounge at work, but be really honest about how I feel within myself. (Deep, huh?)
  4. Get in better shape, whatever that means.

Okay, that is it for now. I have to go and do some more laundry so that we can get to school on time tomorrow. Let me know what you think of my goals. Yes goals, not resolutions.


Natalie said...

Does this mean I will be in for more shows in the lounge? Instead of eye rolls and snide remarks, we will get complete, direct sentences?
Oh, I am SO looking forward to this year!!!

dynomitegirl said...

Your goals...
...A. wear me out....
B. make me feel guilty
I am going to go read a different blog now before that guilt leads to me doing something.