Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vacation Time!!!

Whoot! Whoot!! I am in Santa Barbara!!

I just wanted to leave a short post that I got here safely and that we are going to be having an awesome time, so don't worry if the posts this week are short, sparse or nonexistent!!! I will post at night if I get the chance. I already have so much to write about but I am getting sleepy so I am not going to download pics tonight. Just know that they are coming soon!!
Love and miss you all!!


Diana Croshaw said...

I've only been to Santa Barbara for one afternoon, but I loved that pretty little city! I hope you have a BLAST!! Please report!

Shannon said...


Ewell Believe said...

Just wondering...Whens My Vacation?
Hope your having lots of fun!

Miss Kendra said...

Sheila, you come on vacation with me anytime!! Not that I go on many, but you are always welcome!