Thursday, February 13, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas morning started like it always does. With a hallway picture! I told my kids last year on Easter that it would be the last time we would do a picture... in that hallway. Well, we moved. Plus we spent Christmas at Lewis' mom's house so it was her hallway and her picture. I had no say (but don't tell them, it was my idea). 

This guy hung around all day. 

The little kids enjoyed the mask and loved "picking" the horse's nose.

We played reverse charades. Somehow the only embarrassing pictures we have are of the boy team. I am not sure how that happened, but it did!

The kids got to their stocking just after 7 am. Most of them slept in until almost 7, but the little boys were up talking with Adam at 5 am.

 After all of the presents were open we all went to Katie's house and gave the pet's a feast. they shared a big bag of ham. Oh they loved Allison for that! Then the dogs got to open their stockings. I know, stocking for dogs? Who knew? I didn't know, but Santa was sure good to Mojito! 

 Everyone had a great holiday. Adam got clothes and money. Jason got computer stuff and money. Haley got art supplies and money. Abigail got American Girl Doll supplies and, you guessed it, money.

Merry Christmas!!

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