Sunday, February 9, 2014

4th Grade Choir and 5th Grade Band Concert

I have finally found something to LOVE about my teeny tiny east coast town. The Christmas/Winter/Semester performances are short and sweet!
Don't get me wrong. I know we all love to see how hard our kids have worked to learn the viola, to do a back-flip, or chop a board in half, but good grief if the recitals don't go on forever!
I have sat through my fair share of 45 to 60 minute (OR MORE) lower school chorus Christmas recitals that I wish I had been wearing earplugs for. What about beginning band recitals? Oh kill me now! They last forever!
But not anymore. I swear this school district should have the motto be "Make It Short And Sweet".

Here they are at home before going to the school. The dress code was "Festive Wear" with black, white, and red.

Such a poser:



And Silly:

5th Grade band:

Haley was chosen to introduce the flutes:

4th Grade Choir:

Abigail introducing the next song:

They both did great. I am so glad that they enjoy participating in these kind of activities. Now if only we can get the boys to do something!

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