Friday, March 2, 2012

Here is my little Jason:

Jason was not feeling good on Sunday night but if you know Jason as well as I know Jason you would have thought that it was a ploy to let him stay home on Monday from school. We were just coming out of a week long break from school and I know that he was not excited to head back to school. He is just not a fan of school and it has always been a fight to get him to go and have a good day. So when he was acting sick I told him to go to bed and that we would talk in the morning. In the morning when I came out into the kitchen he was sitting at the counter in front of his cereal looking sort of gray. I asked how he was feeling and he just shrugged. I felt his head and he was warm so I told him fine, he could stay home. I told him that he needed to go to bed and go back to sleep and I would call him later. After school when we got home he was laying on the couch. When asked what he did all day he said that he played computer a little, watched TV, and slept for a while. He had dinner and was sent to bed with Motrin for the fever. In the morning I sent Lewis down to check on him. Lewis said he was hacking and too hot. I went to see him and knew immediately that he needed to go to the doctor. Of course it was "Cafe Rio" salad day at school so I not only was up all night checking on meat that was cooking, but I could not take the day off from school. Lewis took him to the doctor and sure enough he was told that Jason has pneumonia! I feel so bad that I was doubting him and how sick he was. After 2 shots, a breathing treatment, and some steroids to help open his lungs he was sent home to rest.

When I got home from work he was resting on the couch. I sat with him the rest of the night. He ate some noodles and drank Gatorade. We set him up on the blow up mattress so that he could sleep upstairs Tuesday night. He woke up Wednesday morning to have some Motrin and then went back to sleep until 2:50 in the afternoon. When he woke up I gave him some Ravioli. Hopefully he starts to feel better soon. 

There is one thing that he is very excited about. Since he is sick and his lungs need to rest (his voice is even gone from the coughing, he should not talk unless necessary) he can't participate in gym for about 3 weeks. He is so excited that he will be unable to run laps at the beginning of gym class. He is excited to sit there and do nothing while the other kids run. I guess I will talk what I can get with him...

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