Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jason is 11!!

Jason turned 11 last week. He did not ask for much. He wanted a $20.00 bill and some soda. So he got exactly what he asked for. In his bag he received a 2 liter of Mt. Dew (disgusting!), a card with a $20 inside, a box of Zingers, some chocolate, and a bag of beef jerky. You would have thought that he won the lottery. He was one of the happiest birthday boys ever. He had his friend spend the night and we took him to Red Robin for an adult sized burger and some free birthday cake. He really is the easiest kid ever!

The one thing that he was not thrilled about was that Abigail made him a birthday crown that he did not want to wear. He did for a minute just to make her happy. He took it off as soon as I would let him.

Jason really is one of the easiest kids I have ever met. He is sweet and lovey-dovey (which none of my other kids are). Jason is laid back and chill as long as he can play his computer games. He is always willing to help me and empty the dishwasher for his chore. 

Happy Birthday!!!

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