Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning came bright and early, not! The kids slept in until 7:30! It was so nice. Usually on Christmas morning they are in out room at 6am. We are some lucky parents! Here they are all lined up for the annual morning in the hallway picture:

 Seven got a gift from Bella the dog. She LOVES this toy. She has been playing with it and is acting a bit "high" ever since.
 Jason loved his haul that included:
Kindle Fire
Skyrim Strategy Guide
Magnet Set
Ski Coat
 Haley received:
Kindle Fire
Microphone with Speakers
Big Fluffy Pillow
$200 Debit Card
Scope for his .22
Tripod for Filming
Slushy Maker
Shopping Cart for her Baby Doll



Mojito in his coat having a treat from Bella!

Haley wearing her new glasses. She loves them despite the fact that she does not "need" them.

Don't worry, Lewis and I were spoiled too. Lewis got a new watch and mats for his Jeep. I got a purse, coat, and an I-Pad from the kids.

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