Friday, December 30, 2011

Reindeer Romp

Haley started a program in October called Girls On The Run. It is a program for girls grades 3 to 5 that promotes good self esteem, health and wellness. The main part of the program was about setting good healthy goals and sticking to them. Haley's teacher at school ran the program at Channing. Haley loved it. The culmination of the program was a 5K run in Sugarhouse park on December 5th. It was completely freezing out (high of 20) while they were running and even though it was sunny most of the run was in the shade. I was going to run with her but since I am totally out of shape and lazy. Lewis was her running partner. They dressed up for the race and they looked great. Santa with his little elf. They finished in 46 min, which I think was pretty good considering the hills and cold that they had to deal with.

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