Friday, July 8, 2011

Vacation Part 5: Zoo

One of the days that we were in California we went to the zoo. About three minutes after being there one of the cousins took a bad fall and had to be taken to the First Aide center. Yikes. She was fine, just a little scraped up and sad, but fine.
Maybe I am old. Maybe I a cynical. Maybe I am just a grumpy lady, but I remember this zoo being WAY better. We saw about a million monkeys and birds and a little of everything else. Here is Abi being a monkey! As you can see she has on a sweatshirt. We decided to go tot he zoo on the coolest day that we had in San Diego. It started out very cool, and ended up really hot and people got sunburns!

Abigail and Michael were always together.

My boys and me. I just want you to notice how tall Adam is compared to me and Jason, and Adam is only 13. Jason is growing on the exact same line Adam was at his age so in about 3 years they will both be much taller then me.

We had to stop at one point and use the foot massagers. The kids feet were "killing" them. I think that they just wanted to play with the seats.

Christmas card picture?

And by the ends of the day Abi could no longer walk, or look at the camera. She was so tired! So we went home. I made mac & cheese for the kids, put them to bed and the adults went out to a nice dinner.

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