Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fourth Of July

Every year on the fourth we go to a luau with our friends. The kill and roast a pig and 15 rabbits. Everyone brings a side dish to share. this year I made mini cheesecakes decorated for the holiday. I made 2 pans of them and all 48 were gone before I could get one.
Abigail had a great time hanging around...

I like this picture even though my head looks strange...

and as for that scratch on Lewis' face, I did apologize for that, I promise.

We left in time to go home and do a few fireworks in the driveway. It was sprinkling so the girls got out their umbrellas.

Adam smiled but not happily. This is obviously a fake smile...

but Jason (for once) smiled willingly.

Happy Independence Day!

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