Friday, February 18, 2011

-6 Degrees

This winter has been very cold in Utah. The last week of ski lessons it got very cold. With the wind it got as cold as -6 degrees when it was dark. After lunch on the last day of lessons Jason's instructor "Froggy" came to me and asked me to have Jason sit out for a while. It was so cold out and he had pulled off his gator so his face was exposed for about 12-15 minutes. This is what he looked like after sitting inside for 40 minutes:

Do you see the white streak inside the red on his cheek? That is the beginning of frostbite. And this is after he has been warming up for a long while.
This year Brighton did a ton with the kids on skiing safety. They all received safety whistles and they were taught what to do if they ever get lost or if they hear a whistle blown because someone else is lost. The instructor also decided to show the kids how to build a snow cave shelter just in case they were even trapped in weather like that again on the mountain. I really appreciate all of the safety that they teach along with the skiing.

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Jessica Stark said...

-6?? That's nothing! It got down to -35 a couple mornings here. Gotta love Idaho!