Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jump Ladies, Jump!

I LOVE these outfits. I found them at Costco of all places. As soon as Abi saw them she had to have one. Of course when we got home and Haley saw it she screamed that she HATED it as she ran into her room. I followed her in and asked her what the problem was and why she hated it. She told me through sobs that she did not really hate it, but she loved it and was jealous that she did not get one. So after a LONG discussion about where she went wrong we went to Costco and got her one too. While there she suggested that we get one for her cousin who was coming into town too. So we bought not one, not two, but three more. I loved them so much that I had to get another one for Abi.
Here they are jumping in the backyard. How cute are they???

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Shannon said...

Those are adorable!! You could take some seriously cute pictures with those...and I know just the person who could do it! :)