Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The BIG Surprise!!

Ta-Dah!! Isn't it the cutest?

Lewis found a place in southern Utah that makes them and he ordered her one. Crazy!!! She loves it, and so does everyone else. It is actually larger then it looks.

She had just gotten home from camp and we had her come out and see it. Lewis and I finished the floors with peel and stick tiles and painted the walls. It has a loft, and thanks to grandma and grandpa it has a little table and chairs inside for her to have tea parties! What a spoiled little girl!!!

The first thing she did was take her American Girl doll out there and set up a crib and "play area" for her real girl doll.


Kendall said...

Oh, my girls would have died! I love it! I wish I could find something like that out here! I cannot believe she is 6!!!

Diana Croshaw said...

How friggin cool is that?!!? I want one!