Saturday, October 31, 2009


Yes, I am behind on blogging. Yes, there is a TON to tell all of you. Yes, it seems like I am being a slacker.
Seriously. I know that is a giant but. There is a really good reason why I have not been blogging. I am pregnant!! NOT!!!! HaHa!!!! As if!!!
Okay the real reason is that we have moved into this big, wonderful new house. I could not have asked for more with this house. The inside is wonderful. The rooms are big. We have a huge yard with swings, room to run, a new zip line that we just put in, and much much more BUT this house does have a big problem. Something that almost makes me want to move. Almost, but not quite. We can't get Comcast here. Which means that we use Qwest for our Internet access. It is inexpensive and fine BUT (another huge but) it is so dang slow! It takes me 10 minutes to download one picture onto the blog and then half of the time it won't finish. It is horrible! They have a faster service but they will not bring it to use because we live to far in the middle of nowhere. Great. So then we tried to go with Digis which is a wireless network that uses radio waves or something like that. Guess what? Our trees in the backyard block the signal from getting to the house so that is out too. Freaking' Internet. So I am trying my best to do my blog but until I figure out a better way the posting are going to be few and far between. Sorry :(
So here is my first catch up for this month. At the beginning of the month my kids got a long weekend for UEA. It is a Utah thing. It is supposed to be Utah Education something but it is really so all the dads can go hunting. Anyway, we took the kids out for the weekend for a little staycation. We drove the 45 minutes up to Midway and Heber for Friday and Saturday. We stayed at the Homestead Resort. We got a cabin with 3 bedrooms and a kitchen. It was mucho chilly up there compared to here in the valley so the kids all brought their coats.

Here they are in the sled that sits in front of the lobby.

Stay tuned for more about UEA, Haley's birthday, Italy, our new house, Halloween and more!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations on the new house.
We had the same problem when we moved into my house. Tried to get Comcast, but wasn't available for us. We were told we could pay $1000 a line brought down to our house 1/2 mile down the road from the nearest box. I was ready to move because my only option was dial-up. Luckily we found something like what you mentioned with the radio towers. We have problems every so often, but it is so worth compared to the alternative.

TalkToQwest said...

Hey there Miss Kendra, this is Brian with Qwest. I don't want to bug ya, but I read a part of your blog post here, and saw you mentioned your DSL is running slow with uploading/downloading pictures. I just wanted to offer to take a look at your line, and see if there is anything wrong that we can fix...maybe get it running a little faster. It sounds like you've already checked into faster speeds, which I'd be happy to see if there are any plans to deploy fiber or DSL upgrades in your area anytime soon as well.

If you want me to do some digging for you on this, send me an e-mail to and I'll be happy to help.


Consumer Affairs Manager
Qwest Communications

reddirtgirl said...

Ok. I almost couldn't finish the post because I was in shock over the I'm pregnant comment. How's that for customer service. Maybe everyone at qwest reads your blog:)