Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is for Katie


This is my cat Seven. After she was done playing with the ribbon she wrapped herself in it and showed me her bum.


Tiana said...

Hey you know what I do when I post a whole bunch on one day, I schedule the posts to go out one at a time on different days. So there is a post every day for 6 days as opposed to 6 posts in one day. There is the option at the bottom of where you type up your posts that you can change the date. I love all the posts you wrote to day. The cat is my favorite.

Miss Kendra said...

I know I can spread them out. The problem is I have so much to get caught up with on the blog. If I spread them out it will take two weeks or more and then I will be behind again!! I just need to catch up and be caught up.

I like the cat too!!!