Friday, May 27, 2011

Bloody Boys Birthday

Adam had his birthday party at home this year. He had an air soft war party. We had 15 or 20 boys show up with guns, eye glasses, and sweatshirts for protection.

Adam and his friends took about a month digging, building, and making an air soft war bunker. They shot each other up for 4 hours. There was a lot of blood, only one set of tears, and lots of laughing.
I told them NOT to aim at me. So what did they do? Boys.

Cupcakes, cake and chips were served. I choose to leave out the healthy options at this party because it was boys aged 12-16. None of them were going to choose the salad.

And last but not least Adam got money. Lots of it!

Happy Birthday Adam! I love you and can't believe that you are a teenager.

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