Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

On Sunday I went to bed feeling questionable. By the time I woke up on Monday morning I was feeling like I had a really bad cold. Fever, little cough, slight sore throat, and headache. As the day went on I felt worse and worse. I was at the point where I needed to go home from work but couldn't because one of the ladies was gone for vacation. I canceled the kids lessons for the day and went home to bed. I ate some chicken broth and a Lemon-berry slush because my throat hurt so much.

When I woke up this morning (Tuesday) morning I felt terrible. I had to work again because my lady was still gone on vacation even though I felt like I had a midget sitting on my chest constricting my breathing. By the end of school today I was feeling so bad that I went straight to the doctor. I told them that it was strep and so the nurse went to take a strep culture and she had me open and she kind of gasped. She opened the door and called the doctor in to look at my throat. Apparently my throat was swollen shut from the left side and 3/4 closed on the right side, whatever that means. She was shocked that I could even swallow at all, let alone work for the last 2 days. So they gave me a shot of this steroid drink to take the swelling down. It worked in like 5 minutes. They took the culture and it of course showed positive in like 1 minute. I got my antibiotics and came home after being told I was in no way allowed to work for at least one day. Ha! I will show that doctor, I can work from home!

Oh yeah, she told me that the steroids have a small side effect after taking the swelling down. It would make me feel much better for about 4 hours and it would give me a boost of energy. And she wasn't kidding. Since I have been home I have showered, done two loads of laundry, cleaned out the girl's closets and put away all of their clothes that have been piling up in the laundry room. And now I am writing a blog post, which I hardly ever do anymore because I don't have the time or the energy. I am starting to feel tired and my throat hurts again. So I will leave you with a picture of myself when I was feeling much better.

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Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

That is a really cute pic! Get better...we have a bfast date coming up!