Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maybe Everyone Everywhere Reads My Blog!

So this is what I found on my blog today as a comment. How is that for customer service? Problem is there is not much that they can do. I will be calling him tomorrow to see if there is anything at all that he can find. I need a faster connection!!!!!!

Hey there Miss Kendra, this is Brian with Qwest. I don't want to bug ya, but I read a part of your blog post here, and saw you mentioned your DSL is running slow with uploading/downloading pictures. I just wanted to offer to take a look at your line, and see if there is anything wrong that we can fix...maybe get it running a little faster. It sounds like you've already checked into faster speeds, which I'd be happy to see if there are any plans to deploy fiber or DSL upgrades in your area anytime soon as well.If you want me to do some digging for you on this, send me an e-mail to TalkToUs@Qwest.com and I'll be happy to help.

Thanks, B Consumer Affairs Manager
Qwest Communications
November 2, 2009 11:24 AM


Natalie said...


We love Qwest at our house. They saved my girls' lives!

Tennessee Sigmans said...

I love the pictures of the kids!

Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

That's awesome! Shane does a similar thing for singingbirthdaycard.com where he searches blogs for birthdays then comments. Smart customer service! Hopefully they can hook you up!

Sarah said...

I still read your blog all the way over here in Mississippi! :D